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    GPS GolfShot

    GPS GolfShot app

    GPSGolfShot is a state-of-the-art GPS rangefinder for over 16,300 (~90%) golf courses in the USA. Through our exclusive partnership with America’s largest wireless carriers GPSGolfShot is the only rangefinder available that is able to utilize both the device based GPS chip and network based location servers to determine your distance. This unique capability makes GPSGolfShot the most accurate smartphone rangefinder on the market today.

    -GPSGolfShot is the only GPS golf rangefinder that works on popular models like the Blackberry Curve regardless of network provider.

    -GPSGolfShot is the only GPS golf rangefinder to offer PowerSaver™, our proprietary battery optimization algorithm which conserves your battery by only getting GPS readings when you need them. With a full charge you can easily play 36 holes and still have power to make calls on the ride home.

    -GPSGolfShot automatically downloads the course map you need over the wireless data network when you get to the course. You never need to connect to a PC or type anything into the device. Just show up, launch the app and play- anywhere in America. Our 16,300 courses are fully mapped and ready to use (beware of competitors claiming to have courses in a “database” but don’t say how many are actually mapped). If you ever happen to find a course we haven’t mapped you can email us and we’ll add it for you. To see if your course is mapped visit http://www.gpsgolfshot.com

    -GPSGolfShot is a serious tool for serious golfers, designed to get you the critical, accurate, distance data you need quickly so you can stay focused on your round and keep up your pace of play. The interface is designed with large format text for easy readability and even offers a “speak” button which will read your distances aloud.

    -Other features include automatic hole advance, “Measure My Shot” function to track and record your shot distances and a free demo.

    Unlimited use subscription for GPSGolfShot is now only $29.95 per year.

    Blackberry Supported Devices
    BlackBerry 8100
    BlackBerry 8110
    BlackBerry 8120
    BlackBerry 8130
    BlackBerry 8220
    BlackBerry 8230
    BlackBerry 8300
    BlackBerry 8310
    BlackBerry 8330
    BlackBerry 8350i
    BlackBerry 8530
    BlackBerry 8800
    BlackBerry 8820
    BlackBerry 8830
    BlackBerry 8900
    BlackBerry 9000
    BlackBerry 9100
    BlackBerry 9500
    BlackBerry 9520
    BlackBerry 9530
    BlackBerry 9550
    BlackBerry 9630
    BlackBerry 9650
    BlackBerry 9700
    BlackBerry 9800
    Required Device Software
    4.2.0 or higher
    Supported Countries
    United States
    Supported Carriers
    All carriers
    Check out http://www.gpsgolfshot.com for all available phones
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    Where To Golf 


    Where to Golf iPhone

    Where to Golf iPhone app

    Where To Golf for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Blackberry devices gives golfers all the information about a golf course and how to get there. Whether on business, on vacation, or in your home town, you’re only a touch away from finding the course you’re looking for. An extensive collection of over 22,000 golf courses across North America provides golfers with all the necessary information about a particular golf course.




    Search for courses near your location or by city, zip code or golf course.

    GPS directions to any golf course.

    Book tee times by direct access to course’s phone number and website.

    Current weather conditions for all golf courses.

    A detailed club description including categories: Tee Boxes, Course Access, Training Facilities, Amenities,

    Rentals, Design and Layout so you can pick the course that’s right for you.

    Gives par, yardage, slope and rating for each tee box.

    Access reviews from golfers that have played the course.

    Much More Coming Soon!!


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    Accel Golf for iPhone 

    accel golf app

    accel golf app for iPhone

    Why pay $300+ for a SkyCaddie when you can get it for free?

    Our GPS Rangefinder provides three modes of distance tracking:

    Landmarks View

    Use this list of landmarks to check your precision distance to the front, center, and back of green, and distance to hazards.

    Aerial Hole View

    See the entire course before tee-off to determine distances for your planned strokes. Plan all shots before tee-off with a plotter that provides distances required for each stroke.

    Aerial Green View

    Before your approach shot, check your distance to any point on the green with pinpoint accuracy.

    A full-featured scorecard is also included:

    Faster than your pencil and paper

    Know how far you hit with each club

    Access statistics only the pros track

    Understand the strengths and deficiencies in your play

    Store every game and scorecard for a complete history of your play

    Accel Golf Website

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    Caddies Call GPS 

    Caddies Call GPS

    Caddies Call GPS app for iPhone

    Caddies Call is the best priced GPS Golf Application for your BlackBerry® device that locates yardages to the front, middle and back of greens. Caddies Call also accurately finds distances to hazards as well as their carry. There are thousands of courses already in our database. If you don t see your home course simply request it and we will take care of the rest. Other features include a handicap calculator, statistics page, hole overview and a scorecard.

    For more information go to our website at http://www.caddiescall.com

    GPS Yardages:

    Quickly and easily find out how far you are from the front, middle & back of the green and the distance and carry of hazards.

    Handicap Calculator:

    After each round you can adjust your round and the score will be added to your handicap calculator, making you able to figure out in a flash what your handicap is for tournaments.

    Scorecard & Stats:

    Keep score of your round quickly with our scorecard and track all your stats with our handy stats page. Fairways hit, greens in regulation & number of putts!

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    GolfDigest GPS 


    golf digest gps

    Golfdigest GPS for AT&T

    Turn your AT&T Wireless mobile phone into the ultimate golf yardage tool with GolfDigest GPS


    GolfDigest GPS turns your AT&T Wireless GPS-enabled phone into the ultimate golf yardage tool. With professionally mapped courses and GPS accuracy, GolfDigest GPS is a powerful tool to help you take control of your game and shave strokes off your score.

    GolfDigest GPS comes in two versions suited to the specific capabilities of your phone:

    Full Map Version – For large screen and smart phones,

    GolfDigest GPS takes advantage of the larger device screens to provide a full, accurate golf course map that includes interactive features to find your distance to the nearest hazard, lay-up or any other point on the course. Scorekeeping is available too.

    FCB (Front-Center-Back) Version- For compact-screen

    and quick messaging phones,

    GolfDigest GPS gives you the vital GPS distances you need to chose

    the right club for every shot. You can mark your shots and keep score too.

    Which version is available for your phone? Don’t worry, when you sign up we provide the version suited to your particular phone. Check out How to Buy to find your phone and get GolfDigest GPS today.

    Put GPS to work for you on the golf course

    GolfDigest GPS is the ultimate golf yardage tool for your phone. The Full Map version shows your location on a golf course map and gives you accurate GPS distances to the front, center and back of the green. Refresh your yardage and watch it zoom in as you approach the hole. The FCB version gives you the same accurate GPS yardages formatted for easy reading on your compact phone screen. Watch your yardage update as you approach your ball and set-up for your next shot.

    Improve your golf game

    It’s the question every golfer asks: How far am I away ? What’s the distance to the green? 170 yards? 185? Which club to use? A six-iron? A wedge? Stop guessing, and choose the right club every time with GolfDigest GPS, a Global Positioning System application created for use on your mobile device with thousands of accurate, digital golf courses maps.

    Easy to use

    Simply select a course, and up pops the info you need for each hole with accurate yardage to the front, center and back of each green. GolfDigest GPS gives you a true read to set up your next shot so that you can put it close every time!

    Are you ready to transform your golf game and lower your score? Download GolfDigest GPS today!

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      I found this is an informative and interesting post so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing ability has inspired me. Really the article is spreading its wings rapidly.

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    scorecard for iPhone

    scorecard app for iPhone

    Scorecard is a comprehensive golf statistics application for Mac OS X and Windows that helps you to understand your golf game at a deeper level.

    Armed with the knowledge of where youʼre losing shots, you can then work to implement changes in your game that will lower your scores! No more wasting time on areas of your game that will not improve your score: you can now focus on the parts that matter. Scorecard allows you to work smarter – not harder – at your game.

    New in Scorecard 2

    You asked and we listened. Alongside a host of smaller tweaks, updates, and improvements we’ve added the most requested features. The biggest highlights are:

    9-hole Rounds – Scorecard now supports 9-hole rounds and fully integrates them with your handicap and all statistics.

    Graphing – Graph your statistics over time so that you can see at a glance if youʼre improving, slacking, or just treading water. You can also easily compare stats against each other.

    Per-Hole Notes – Jot down anything you like for each hole. Document the clubs used, what went right or wrong, or even a joke your buddy tells you.

    Markers – Denote points in time to see how your game changed afterwards. They’re great for showing how you performed after you bought some new clubs, took a lesson, etc.

    Scorecard Features

    Cross-Platform! – You need only one registration to run a copy of Scorecard on either a Mac or a PC. Your database and license will work on both!

    Easy Course and Round Entry – Quickly update your stats after each round you play

    Handicap Calculations – Track your handicap and anti-handicap to monitor your overall game play.

    Calculates Essential Statistics

    Scoring Averages

    Greens in Regulation

    Fairways Hit

    GIR when Fairways Hit

    Average Putts per Hole

    Average First Putt Distance


    Scoring Averages

    Plus Over 25 Additional Stats

    iPhone Sync – Easily and quickly enter your round on your iPhone or iPod Touch and then sync to your desktop using Scorecard Touch (Free in the iTunes app store).

    Share Your Rounds – Export your rounds to the web so that others can follow your progress.

    Wind, Temperature, Round Type – Track your play by round type and weather conditions.

    Unlimited – Stores unlimited Courses and Rounds (Registered Version).

    Mac version is Universal for both PowerPC and Intel Macs. Windows version runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

    Scorecard Website

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    vcaddy for iPhone

    vcaddy app for iPhone

    vCaddy touts to offer the complete package when it comes to improving your golf game. Not only is it able to keep track of the score for up to four player at any one time, vCaddy also features a GPS rangefinder, a generous database of courses (more than 6,000 and counting), POI markets as well as ball marking, all in a single dummy-proof package. In addition, vCaddy also has partial round support and continuous updates to make sure that most new courses are updated to keep you abreast of the developments. vCaddy can be purchased for $9.99.

    + GPS Enabled for over 6,000 courses
    + Auto-location for courses
    + Scorekeeping for up to four players
    + Analytics tracking via website for members
    + Partial round support
    + POI Markers on hole satellite map
    + Continuous updates, new courses and POI markers

    Front and Back of green can now be mapped via GolfMapz.com

    Just log in to the golfmapz.com site, and you can map front/back of greens by navigating to the course in the directory under the “gps enabled” course list, and then clicking on the Map Front/Back of Green link.

    This goes through a similar approval process as marking the center of the green with our old tool.

    vcaddy website

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    GolfTraxx iPhone 

    golftraxx for iPhone

    golftraxx app for iPhone

    The popular GolfTraxx Golf GPS solution for iPhone 3G owners now has an update to help you improve your on-course shot decisions as well as course management. They say that knowledge is power, but we think otherwise – only applied knowledge has power, otherwise it is just untapped potential. Why not use GolfTraxx to your advantage as you know the yardages to the important green complex locations? This will definitely help your rounds end u pshorter with a lower score, alongside an increased level of satisfaction in charting your progress. All courses found in GolfTraxx (more than 20,000 domestic courses) is able to use an easy-to-use scorecard for up to four golfers simultaneously, including the total number of strokes and putts. GolfTraxx is available as a free download.

    Golftraxx homepage

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    Holeinone Golf app

    Holeinone Golf app for iPhone

    What can a dollar get you these days? Well, how about the HoleInOne application that is going for just $0.99? This is touted to be the ultimate golf scorecard resource for golf fans who own an iPhone or iPod touch, allowing you to record your score alongside your name and your favorite golf course. It is apparently so easy to use, you wouldn’t think twice or blink when it comes to chucking away your old manual scorecard. Sounds promising, let’s hope it lives up to its expectations.

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    Birdie golf app

    Birdie app for iPhone

    The Birdie golf scoring application was specially programmed to meet the needs of golfers, and is easy to use when compared to standard score cards. Enhanced features of Birdie include fully automated calculation of score card results, counting the number of strokes each player makes throughout the game (maximum of four players), while keeping track of the game’s results depending on the rules involved such as “Stroke Play” and “Stableford”. Birdie can reference an ever-growing database of thousands of golf courses worldwide, and you have the choice of adding your favorite course to the list too. Game results are sent via e-mail to your friends. Available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Swedish languages, Birdie retails for $19.


    Birdie has been made with golfers’ needs in mind.

    Birdie delivers all the features you’d expect from a golf scoring application and the user-friendliness and fun experience, you’d expect from a native iPhone application.

    Besides the ease of use and speed (compared to traditional “handwritten” score cards, especially when it comes to calculating the results), Birdie provides many enhanced features like the built in range finder* or the fully automated calculation of score card results. Birdie not only counts each player’s strokes during a game, it also automatically calculates the game’s results according to different rules including “Stroke Play”, “Stableford”, “Par Event” and “AGS”.

    When starting a round, you can optionally choose “practice mode”. In this mode, you can track statistical data like putts, drive length (on iPhone 3G by GPS), fairway hit etc.

    Just play golf – let Birdie handle the book keeping stuff.

    Each player’s individual course handicap is automatically calculated, accounting the handicap index, the course’s slope rating (SR) and course rating (CR).

    Golf courses can be added to the database with the help of a online course editor. Once added, import course data via the internet (par, HCP, distance, course rating, slope rating etc.).

    Importing a golf course’s data is very convenient: You can search by name, address or ZIP code and (in case you’re currently on or nearby the course) by autolocating the course with the help of iPhone’s location manager. When searching for courses by name, Birdie automatically tries to find nearby courses for the entered location.

    In case you cannot find a golf course, just choose “On-The-Go” when selecting the course to play. You then may enter the basic data for each hole (Par & HCP) during the game.

    Use an elaborate solution, not a bunch of features

    Birdie focuses on golfer’s needs. Instead of distracting you with fancy features, it provides all essential functions you’ll need and expect from a golf scoring application in an easy to use and compact application.

    Birdie integrates perfectly into the iPhone OS. Here are some examples:

    Send the game results via e-mail as HTML scorecards or as CSV files.

    To save time, you may add new players from the adress book. This also enables you to easily access a players contact information later.

    Imported course data also contains contact data of the golf club. Select the club’s phone number to initiate a phone call on the iPhone; select the homepage url to open the page in Safari; select the address, to get the location in Maps; and so on.

    Perfect for both: iPhone and iPod touch

    Birdie is perfectly suited for use on an iPhone or iPod Touch during a game of golf: One of the biggest problems with all available web-based golf score applications is that they are mostly unusable due to no or very unreliable Wi-Fi and cell connections on most golf courses.

    Birdie is perfectly usable offline, which makes it well suited for the iPhone in low or no reception areas as well as for the iPod Touch.


    Any iPhone or iPod touch with OS 3.1.3 or newer.

    Birdie is usable out of the box without any additional software or data. In this case the user chooses the option “On-The-Go” when creating a new game. To experience Birdie’s full capabilities, import the course data of the golf course you intend to play from our internet database. Once the golf course data has been imported, no further internet connection is needed to use this data during a game. If a golf course isn’t available in our database yet, please use the course editor to create and publish it.

    To save resp. restore backups of your Birdie data, you need to install additional software on your computer. Please download BirdieConnect (for Mac) or JBirdieConnect (for Windows/Linux) for free here.

    • Map artwork and range finder are available for selected courses. A permission of the copyright holding golf club is needed for publishing map artwork.

    → Get Birdie now on Apple’s iTunes AppStore

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